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In this Co-Leader Agreement

Our Assumptions of you

In joining the CTI Co-Active® Leadership program you agreed to being held by some assumptions. We hold those same assumptions - in particular we assume that you:

  • are interested in working with your Leadership Coaches in a direct, forthright way;
  • that you will be active in seeking feedback from your Leadership Coaches and from your ‘In-between’ co-lead partner
  • will embrace the 'In-between Project' in its true purpose of being a wonderful opportunity: to deepen your learning from R1 and R2.
  • and, to put your newly discovered Leadership into action by making a difference in your world.

Promises of the Parachute Project

In this Co-Leadership Agreement, we echo the same promises that have already been made to you from the Leaders of your Tribe. In particular, we promise:

  • through the work that you do with us, a deeper understanding of intimacy and a new relationship with trust.
  • that you will further develop your awareness of your individual and collective impact on others and that, as a result, you will be able to lead in a more responsible and effective way.

Confidentiality & Transparency

  • You and your co-lead partner can share anything you want with anyone you want
  • Your Leadership Coaches will hold all of the conversations and any other correspondence with you in strict confidence, in accordance with their personal and professional ethics.
  • As we may also be working with other members of your Tribe, neither you nor your Leadership Coaches will disclose any personal information and experiences of those other members, except with their consent.
  • You may also send us emails that can include some or all of:
    • where you are;
    • what’s happening in your leadership space;
    • progress and problems with feedback.
  • We request that all correspondence be shared with your In-between co-lead partner. Our response time will normally be within 2 days or less

The Four Agreements applied to the Parachute Project

We are particularly concerned that you understand the importance and relevance of Don Miguel Ruiz’ book The Four Agreements. To that end, we have included a very brief summary of these Agreements as they apply to our short journey together.

Agreement 1: Be impeccable with your word

  • “Your word" is your power to communicate, to think, and to create.
  • "Impeccable" is having responsibility for your actions without self-blame or judgment of self or others.
  • Therefore, we expect that you will do your best to be be impeccable yourself, and that you will hold us in the same way.

Agreement 2: Don't take anything personally

  • You are never responsible for the actions of others: you're only responsible for yourself.
  • It is not important to you what another person may think about you, and you don't need to take what they think personally.
  • Therefore, we expect that you will do your best not to be influenced by what you think or feel are the motives of others towards you.

Agreement 3: Don't make assumptions

  • One of the most important assumptions we make is that the other person knows what we want, so we end up believing that we don't need to ask for it.
  • We often make assumptions because we don't have the courage to ask for what we want.
  • Clear communication leads to asking questions and in that way our word becomes impeccable.
  • Therefore, we expect that you will do your best to always ask for what you want and to be receptive to others asking you.

Agreement 4: Always do your best

  • Remember that your best is never the same from one moment to the next
  • If we like what we do and always do our best, we are really enjoying life
  • If we don't enjoy what we do and we are not doing our best…
  • Therefore, we expect that you will do your best, whatever your best is in that moment, and that you will trust that others are doing their best in return.

If you find you have broken one of these Agreements, we expect that you just accept it and start again tomorrow.

We tried really hard to imagine all the questions you might have about us and the Parachute Project™. And it's probably also true that we missed some! If there's something you don't understand, or that isn't working, or even if you have something else to say, our contact form will have your words to our trusty VA, Amelia, in seconds!