Simone Reeves

Hello! I graduated as a Mockingbird in 2014 and am thrilled to have witnessed and assisted the Cardinals in 2017. I loved the CTI Leadership Programme, beginning to end, and beyond… although it took me a while to own my sub-types of fierce, smouldering, and killer. They call me Danger, with a good dose of Eccentric and Intelligence. I am pretty grounded and can be trusted to hold an open and compassionate space for others in which to explore and brush up against edges, triggers and so much more. 
I am an avid learner and have a thing about bridges. I refer here to the ones that exist, and break, between people and groups. Born into a family of multiple divides, from an early age I would seek to reconcile conflicts of others. Not that this in any way curbed my enthusiasm to provoke conflicts to shift dynamics elsewhere. Nowadays, with over 2 decades of regional and international HR leadership experience in private and public sectors, I work as an HR Consultant in the areas of Cultural Change, Leadership Development and Team and Organisational Performance. I can also be found active in the co-creation and innovation space brining together the humanitarian and private sectors in the area of sustainability. I continue to be fascinated by the motivation and behaviour of people and am happiest building bridges - creating and deepening healthy partnerships – between people, teams, organisations and sectors for greater societal good.