Tracy Prentice, BA, NHIM


Hello and welcome! I’m an Ostrich (we can’t fly but we sure can move fast!). I was typed as a charm type with subtypes of playful, easygoing, beauty and humor. This basically means I’m fun loving, grounded and love to connect deeply with people! I completed my leadership programme in May 2015.

After spending over 15 years in project and programme management, strategic development and change in both the public and non-profit sectors, I jumped off the diving board and went freelance as a leadership mentor and coach at the end of 2013. Straight after finishing CTI’s co-active coaching curriculum!

I am passionate about growth and development and my purpose is to educate and empower individuals to be their very best selves. I love seeing people gain or recover their inner strength and resourcefulness to evolve, grow and make new life changing choices. I also like to challenge myself, travel and have a huge appetite for knowledge!