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a payment for services .. where propriety forbids a fixed fee

20 Seconds!

That’s how long it takes our avatar-team to process a parachute registration form; performing more than 200 tasks and updating five support systems!

The same job used to take one of our co-leaders about 28 minutes – and at least one cup of coffee!

Now the avatars leave the coffee and that valuable time for us to spend with you!

Besides having extended coffee times, using some easy tech, the Avatars let us focus on the impact of what we are building, both for ourselves and for balanced leadership in the world. 

How we got to here

When the Parachute Project started in early 2014, we were working with one or two in-between project partnerships at a time, and in North America only. Communication and scheduling were simple activities. The logistics for the entire Project were handled by the two of us, off the side of our desks. It was our side project and wasn’t intended to be more than an experiment.

Little by little we’ve grown into ten co-leaders working concurrently with up to 24 partnerships at a time, from as many as four different tribes. Conversations in time zones that span the globe!

On the way, communication and scheduling became incredibly complex and beyond the capacity of any one of us to manage alone.

After debating about who we should hire, and who should they be closest to, we decided to leverage the 24-7 presence of technology to move us along. Website updates, security monitoring, scheduling systems, registration and transactional systems needed managing, so we hired a team of avatars to do the ‘heavy lifting’ for us. Meanwhile, our human family takes the calls, answers the emails when something goes wrong and balances the energy of the space we all share. 


After a couple of years, many participants started asking us how we were able to keep going on a purely voluntary basis. How come we didn’t charge anything for the value that they had received? Some even insisted we send them an invoice!

It was then that we were able to see that our little ‘side project’ had grown into a real commitment. In both time and personal money invested.

The deal today

At the completion of our work together we will invite you to contribute to our costs of running the project. Edward will send you an email, for a modest amount that covers some of the expenses we face, regardless of how many people sign up to participate. Your individual contribution of $150 CAD makes a huge difference for us as it allows us to continue to promote healthy leadership choices in the world.

Thank you for your interest in the Parachute project. We always treasure the time we spend with you.


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