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When the Parachute Project started, four years ago, we were working with one or two in-between project partnerships at a time, and in North America only. Communication and scheduling were easy.

Four years later, we are 10 co-leaders working concurrently with up to 24 partnerships, from as many as 4 different tribes, and in time zones that literally span the globe! Communication and scheduling are now extremely complex and beyond the capacity of any one of us to manage alone.

We are now incurring significant costs for maintaining this website and its security; for managing our scheduling system and for integrating the support systems that keep our co-leaders and participants connected and informed.

Many participants have asked us how we are able to keep going on a purely voluntary basis, and how come we don’t charge anything for the value that they receive.

The answers are that we really can’t anymore, and that we really should. So we have decided that we really will.

At the completion of our work together we will invite you to make a contribution towards our costs of running the project. If you feel that you have received value from your co-leaders, we hope that you will do so and we will be grateful for your support.

Thank you for your interest in the Parachute project. We will always treasure the time we have spent with you and wish you the best possible experience for the remainder of your Leadership journey and its continuation in the rest of your life.

We tried really hard to imagine all the questions you might have about us and the Parachute Projectâ„¢. And it's probably also true that we missed some! If there's something you don't understand, or that isn't working, or even if you have something else to say, our contact form will have your words to our trusty VA, Amelia, in seconds!

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