have some info on hand

Info you will need

  • Preferred email address
  • LinkedIn URL if you have one
  • Other URL for a different public profile if there is one
  • Mobile/land-line phone number
  • Tribe Name
  • I Am type/energy
  • Time zone
  • Current leadership challenge/focus

How much does it cost?

$600 CAD (about $455 USD)
$600 CAD
(about €405)
$600 CAD (about $635 AUD)

For 12 sessions over 24 weeks

First payment due on registration. Balance due at time of call #7 of 12.

iPhone restriction

While the registration form is fully responsive, we’ve disabled it on your mobile phone to preserve bandwidth. The form is fully functional and responsive on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
When bandwidth is cheaper, we’ll revisit this restriction!

Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.  If you would like us to consider removing this feature, please send us a message at help@parachuteproject.org

Mentoring Program Overview