The struggle for clarity

Time and time again, we’ve noticed how many leadership participants and graduates struggle with integrating their leadership learning with the reality of their worlds. It is so easy to fall back into ‘old ways’ and ‘old habits’.  To be ‘thinking’ about what do to rather than noticing what needs to be done.

What seemed so easy during the program has suddenly become harder and less clear.

Purity of Purpose

 A newer purpose has been awoken and needs support while it strengthens and grows.

How do you use the Dimensional Leadership model? What about recovering to self? Building the muscles of Leadership as you go through your day is not easy. Leadership is not easy. Still, you know there is something that you want and need to do and there are so many things that get in the way!

Our Mentors

Our mentors are all Leadership grads, professional men and women from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, including For-profit, Not-for-profit, Entrepreneurs, Recovering perfectionists and Corporate escapees.

What we all share is a deep understanding of how challenging it can be to integrate the Co-Active Leadership model and map into

“Life after Leadership“.

Direction and Focus

Every. Single. Day.

How does a Leader make a difference in their world when the world doesn’t know how to follow?

What stops you from embracing the newer, stronger you?
Where do you start?

You already have the tools you need to grow your leadership.
Now it’s a matter of applying them.

Having a ParaMentor™ as a partner will help keep you on track

The ParaMentor™ program provided a great deal of support and encouragement. I loved that specific leadership principles were brought to the forefront during the sessions and I was encouraged to focus or use aspects of the leadership program in real time

Beth K

How does it work?

  • Register your interest to join our program
  • Book an Introductory Call to explore your leadership needs and challenges
  • Be matched with, and introduced to, one of our trained ParaMentors™.
  • Enhance focus through  12 x 1-hour sessions with your ParaMentor™.
  • Experience a deeper understanding of how you can impact your world.

How much does it cost?

$630 CAD (about $480 USD)
$600 CAD (about €405 or
$600 CAD (about $640 AUD)

For 12 x 1 hour sessions (6 months)

Payable in either
1 payment of $600CAD
2 payments of $315 CAD each

Exchange rate as of 2019-02-24