Post R4 Mentoring

How does it work?

  • Register your interest to join our program
  • Receive an invite to book an introductory call
  • Attend the 30 minute introductory session to explore your leadership needs and challenges.
  • Be matched with, and introduced to, one of our trained ParaMentors™.
  • Enhance focus through 6 x 1 hour sessions with your ParaMentor™.
  • Experience a deeper understanding of how you can impact your world.
The ParaMentor™ program provided a great deal of support and encouragement. I loved that specific leadership principles were brought to the forefront during the sessions and I was encouraged to focus or use aspects of the leadership program in real time Beth K

How much does it cost?

$225 CAD (about $175 USD)
$225 CAD (about €150 or

For 6 sessions

No payment required until after your introductory call!

The struggle for clarity

Time and time again, we’ve noticed how many leadership participants and graduates struggle with integrating their leadership learning with the reality of their worlds. It is so easy to fall back into ‘old ways’ and ‘old habits’.  To be ‘thinking’ about what do to rather than noticing what needs to be done.

What seemed so easy during the program has suddenly become harder and less clear.

Purity of Purpose

How does one distill the lessons and use the tools of leadership while navigating life?  You know there is something that you want and need to do, but it feels like it might have all just been a dream. There are so many things that get in the way!

 A newer purpose has been awoken and needs support while it strengthens and grows.

Direction and Focus

So where do you want to take your world now that you have finished the leadership program?  What does it look like? How will it serve? How does a co-active Leader make a difference in their world?

Where do you start?

Some conversations with one of our ParaMentors will help


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