• Allow at least five weeks between scheduling your Orientation call and your event date;
  • Allow at least one week between your event date and the start of R3;
  • Neither of you currently plans to be unavailable for any period longer than seven days in the four weeks prior to your event.

Having doubts about meeting the timing?

You are still welcome to register and schedule an orientation call; we may have other options that would work for you.

Registration Tips

You are registering both you and your partner, so don’t forget to have the following information on hand before you start:

  • Email addresses* that you are committed to monitoring
  • Your respective countries – we use this to help us find your co-lead matches
  • Why you want to join our program

* Doing more than one In-Between project?

Please use a different email address for each partnership. Doing so helps us in sending you the appropriate information for each of your calls.

Snail Mail

110-305-4635 Varsity Dr., NW,
Calgary, AB
T3A 0Z9

Parachute Project