Orientation Call

A 30 minute Orientation Call allows us to determine the best options for pairing you up with 2 ParaProject™ CoLeaders. Much of this depends on your initial timing and availability for the Parachute Project conversations. It also helps you get a jumpstart on what you "really" need to do to make your "Co-Lead Project" as successful as possible!

Our stake for the Parachute Project is “Once you know how impactful it is to co-lead, why would you ever want to lead alone?”

What's your stake?

By the time you complete the Parachute Project you will have the answer.

Using Zoom
We use Zoom for all our calls.

You will receive one Zoom number for the Orientation Call, and a different one for the 4 calls with your coaches.  You will received these links when each of the calls has been confirmed.

All our calls include the use of video.  Link by audio only is ineffective. It's so important to be able to see your partner and your coaches and to be aware of levels 2 and 3 within the calls.

Zoom is similar to Skype™ or GoToMeeting™, however, we find that it has better video and audio quality generally.

As with all VOIP systems, Zoom is subject to band-width degradation depending on the type of internet connection speeds you have access to.

Our preference is that you use a laptop or a tablet for these calls.  A Smartphone is an emergency resort only.

After the Orientation Call
After this initial call, and once you have been paired with your coaches, you will schedule the rest of your calls with them directly. To make it easier for us to match you up with coaches who are globally closer to your location, we've set up our calendars to reflect call times in the timezone of each retreat.
Be sure you have REGISTERED for the program before scheduling this call!

We tried really hard to imagine all the questions you might have about us and the Parachute Project™. And it's probably also true that we missed some! If there's something you don't understand, or that isn't working, or even if you have something else to say, our contact form will have your words to our trusty VA, Amelia, in seconds!