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The mentors made sure that me and my co-leader focused on what was important - not the logistics or list of 'to dos' for the event - but rather the stake of our relationship and our expectations about how we wanted and needed to work together. And that shift in focus really helped us stay away from pitfalls and frustrations.
D.B.Mockingbird - 2014
Amazing! We did not really know what was happening - the two of us got so much more connected, we were challenged in a bit scary but good way. We got aligned before the workshop, we felt held and we were very much looking forward to each of our 4 calls. [Our coaches] were like an invisible security net - but who also challenged us in the sake of our own growth and learning! I 100% recommend them!
I.B.Ostrich - 2014-2015
I would strongly recommend the Parachute Project to anyone who is interested in getting the maximum amount of learning from their in-between project.  While all of the concepts of co-leading are taught in R2, there is no substitute for this mentoring when you are actually in the situation of planning for and implementing a co-lead project
R.C.Magpie - 2015
Coming from an emotionally overwhelming R2 where we had not had the chance to connect properly as partners or have any idea what our project might be, the Parachute Project coaching was essential to get us started and for our eventual success in co-leading. It was rough at first and we even though of not continuing. The patience, insights, emotional support and extra calls we received individually and as co-leaders was vital to our relationship and the success of our project. I highly recommend using their services!
J.S.Cuckoo - 2015
Co-coaching for the co-leading! I couldn't imagine how does that work or even happen.. As we went through the sessions one after the other, I notice the powerful of and value of this supportive and creative presence of two ‘angels’ who holding us NCRW and guiding us into the rich and deep live in relationship. I think I wouldn't be able to create the successful relation and project that I had without their presence. Thanks and gratitude  to both of you - John and Graham -XOXO
S.A.Mockingbird - 2014
The Parachute coaches transformed our co-leadership and workshop from not just good to great but to magnificent.  They magnified our view of our stake and provided the support and challenge needed to fully embrace our "I AM" types.  The impact of their coaching will reverberate in my life for decades to come.
K.J.Magpie - 2015
The Parachute Project gave me an amazing awareness of how our I AM types and fully using them can impact our audience.  The saying is 80% of your time will be spent on creating your stake and building your relationship and 20% on your workshop content is very true.  The Parachute Project team helps you and your partner to make that connection happen in a way that will bring you closer and make you more effective as a team.
F.C.Magpie - 2015
[Our coaches] created an amazing space for my partner and I to explore our relationship. The relationship that we created allowed us to create our in-between project with such ease that it felt organic. I loved the feedback on the impact that we were creating together.[Our coaches] pushed us to give 100%-100% and championed us for the magic we could create together when we did. 
J.C.Magpie - 2015
[Our coaches] were royal pains in the ass in call #1.  That was a good thing 😉  Our co-lead was much more powerful as a result.If you want to develop closer intimacy with your partner, and have a real impact on your workshop audience, then sign up for the parachute project.  Summon your courage and be prepared to work on yourself and your relationship.  [These coaches] are not for the faint of heart.  They are true leaders and they will shift you from your comfort zone.
D.L.Magpie - 2015
My co-lead and I are beyond thankful for the parachute coaching we received. While we were both busy and could have easily passed on the opportunity, we cannot imagine what we would have missed if it weren't for the coaching - every single one of the sessions were valuable. Our parachute coaches gave us so much to hold to and so many places to look and discover learning and growth. I could go on and on about the incredible impact the coaching was on each of us and together as a team. We feel so blessed to have taken that ...
M.C.Ostrich - 2015
Joss and John were a great help to my co-leader and I on our ‘In Between Project’. They assisted us to strengthen our relationship by getting us asking what we needed from each other and by encouraging us to continue to clear assumptions. They also encouraged us to show up the best we could for our participants. (e.g. No powerpoint to get in the way!… and how about embodying your "I AM" type).
K.P.Peacocks, 2014-2015
My parachute leaders were just phenomenal. I am certain that our in-between project would not have been half of the event without all the knowledge that had emerged inside of my co-leader and I during the preparation calls. Then, the actual event was pure fun and joy.
A.S.Ostrich - 2015
I recommend having mentors for your in-between project. It is a huge advantage and a fabulous learning opportunity. Joss and John are excellent surgeons, gentle and hold nothing back!  They hold you to your inherent ability as a leader. They also have wonderful senses of humor, which I really appreciated. The most important thing for my partner and me was when, before addressing anything else, Joss and John asked us what our stake was in our relationship!
M.B.Swallows, 2014
The Parachute project is really a gift in the leadership journey. They are angels giving you the best perspective of your best leader. For me it was a before and after working with them. Thanks to them I could finished successfully a workshop. They are the best example to model and to have as a reference in leadership.
RESPECT with capital letters and LOVE in all the sessions. I cannot imagine the in between project without them.
E.B.H.Mockingbird - 2014
The Parachute project coaches are fully invested in creating the type of learning and experience I needed to understand the importance of bringing in my authentic energy to leading. [Our coaches] called us out of our defaults, provoked deep emotions and profound reflections - individual and as partnership. I have claimed my Co-Active® Leadership territory and this changes everything.
E.K.Magpie - 2015
[Our Coaches] are wonderful leaders that beautifully supported us to work on our co-leading relationship with compassion, love and honesty. They helped me to discover new aspects of my I-am-type. Both supported us by creating clarity about our stake and gave juicy ideas which brought our event to a success. Many thanks to both of them! I highly recommend the parachute project!
C.F.Ostrich - 2015
When I started the in between project with my partner, I thought we had it all figured out. I had run training sessions before and this would be no different. What I learned in the process of the coaching was how crucial it was to work in partnership and truly co-Lead with my partner. I am still reaping the benefits from the in between coaching as I apply it to other partnerships in my daily work and life.
M.W.Swallows, 2014-2015
What matters most is the connection we created with my partner, trusting and leaning in %100. That was only possible through the parachute call. Our focus truly shifted from content of the workshop to our relationship stake which in the end delivered a seamless workshop. Thank you to [our coaches] for creating that space for us!
V.M.Ostrich - 2015
I can highly recommend the Parachute project! It helped my co-leader and me in strengthening our relationship even further and making our stake only more  powerful by little twists and twists. The coaches also challenged us on how to use our I AM types, how we would be with each other also in difficult situations, and how we would reconnect in case we had lost connection.I truly loved it and learnt tons, and our In Between Project was a wonderful experience for both of us!A BIG thank you, Karen, Joss and John!!!
M.H.Mockingbird - 2014


There is no formal charge for the coaching you received during your time with us, and if you wish, you can contribute financially to our work via an honorarium.

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