Our Mission is to help you build a true co-leader relationship

ParaProject Co-Leaders are on belay!

01. Why do this?

You’ve never built a relationship this way before

You are back from R2, with a full blown life to catch up on. And now you have a PROJECT to do! There is nothing like time pressure for putting a new co-lead relationship through its paces! You already have the tools you need from R1 and R2, still putting them into practice can be tricky.  The Co-Leaders in the Parachute Project show you how to sustain the R1/R2 momentum and traction needed to complete your ‘In-Between’ project. We act as your peers and mentors along the way, giving you insight into relationship building that you have never seen before. We’ll be lifting the curtain on how your front-of-room Leadership Leaders dance so well together!

02. Next Steps


The first thing to do is to get registered as soon as you can, allowing about 6-8 weeks between registering and your event date.  If you run into difficulties with the timing, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Since the ParaProject™ CoLeaders are volunteers, we are sometimes limited in the dates we have for getting you started, so we ask for some flexibility.  A great leadership skill!

During the registration process, we will ask what you hope to gain from your time with your co-leadership mentors. So it’s a good idea to have had a quick discussion about it before hand!

There is some information that you will need when you are on the registration page such as:

  • Your email address
  • Your co-lead partner’s email address – this on is particularly important as it’s easy to mistype or spell it!
  • The country you live in
  • The country your partner lives in

Done all the research you need?

Cell Phone Warning

We have disabled the registration form from showing on your cell phone. We’re not being mean – it’s just easier to fill out on a larger device!

03. Agreements & Alliances

Working Together

Once you are registered, you’ll set up a 3-way Orientation conversation with one of our Co-Leaders. This 30 minute call gives you an opportunity to get a bit more comfortable with us, and to ask questions. We like to also design our alliance with you as participants in our program.  Our focus is to help you build your co-lead relationship with your partner, while allowing us to ‘tweak’ your progress where necessary, or help you get re-aligned when you get off course.

We’ve developed a couple of documents which we encourage you to read as they help to create the fertile ground needed for growth and development as a leader.


04. We Are

Dedicated and Diverse

  The Co-Leaders you work with come from a variety of backgrounds and industries. Some of them are Front of Room for CTI Core-Curriculum, and all are Leadership Grads. Most own a business or are entrepreneurial in some area of their professional lives. We all use the CoActive Leadership and Dimensional Models in their daily lives. You couldn’t ask for better guides or mentors as you tackle your In-Between Project!

05. Honorarium

Helping our work

Apart from maintaining a strong infrastructure that supports our ParaProject Co-Leaders by protecting them from administrative duties, we do our best to also provide them with some light financial relief for some of the tools they use on our behalf.

We incur many costs for maintaining our presence worldwide, so we request an Honorarium at the end of our time together. The amount is a fraction of what any of us charge in professional fees.

Edward Maxwell-Cash

Edward Maxwell-Cash


Overseeing our resources is Edward Maxwell-Cash. Edward ensures the bills are paid and the lights are turned on!

He will contact you towards the end of your time with us, with an honorarium request of about $150 Canadian dollars.