Travelling through new territory?

ParaProject Co-Leaders are on belay!

Did you know, that the “In Between” Project is so important, it is considered one of the most beneficial exercises you do throughout the entire program?

This is an opportunity to lean into and learn how Co-Active™ Leaders create the magic.

01. Why do this?

There is a lot to be learned about relationship before you return to R3

Using the tools learned in R1 and R2, you can develop some solid skills in your efforts to bring both leadership and co-leadership into your world. It is easy to slide back into habitual ways of ‘doing’, as the pressures and demands of daily life re-build after your return from R2. The Co-Leaders in the Parachute Project help you sustain the learning and the necessary traction needed to complete your ‘In-Between’ project, while acting as peers and mentors along the way.

02. Next Steps


The first thing to do is to get registered as soon as you can, allowing about 6-8 weeks between registering and your event date.  If you run into difficulties with the timing, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Since the ParaProject™ CoLeaders are volunteers, we are sometimes limited in the dates we have for getting you started, so we ask for some flexibility.  A great leadership skill!

During the registration process, we will ask what you hope to gain from your time with your co-leadership mentors. So it’s a good idea to have had a quick discussion about it before hand!

There is some information that you will need when you are on the registration page such as:

  • Your email address
  • Your co-lead partner’s email address – this on is particularly important as it’s easy to mistype or spell it!
  • The country you live in
  • The country your partner lives in

Done all the research you need?

03. Agreements & Alliances

Working Together

Once you are registered, you’ll set up a 3-way Orientation conversation with one of our Co-Leaders. This 30 minute call gives you an opportunity to get a bit more comfortable with us, and to ask questions. We like to also design our alliance with you as participants in our program.  Our focus is to help you build your co-lead relationship with your partner, while allowing us to ‘tweak’ your progress where necessary, or help you get re-aligned when you get off course.

We’ve developed a couple of documents which we encourage you to read as they help to create the fertile ground needed for growth and development as a leader.


04. We Are


A group of CTI Leadership Graduates who practice our Leadership skills by volunteering our time to help other CTI Leadership Participants complete their ‘In-Between’ Project.

We receive no financial support from CTI.

05. Honorarium

Honouring the Work

The co-leaders you will be working with are not paid to do so, and they do not pay the Parachute Project any fees for participation as co-leaders. We do, however, incur many costs for maintaining our present world wide, so we will request an Honorarium at the end of our time together.

We use this money to support our infrastructure: Website hosting, site security, secure email management, financial reporting, and other resources that we pay for. Where there is a shortfall, the maintenance of our site is upheld by our Founders, John Breeze and Joss Rowlands, from their own pockets.

Edward Maxwell-Cash

Edward Maxwell-Cash


Since we are a not-for-profit, we divide the work of managing our resources amongst ourselves. Overseeing this process is our trusty resource manager, Edward Maxwell-Cash.

Edward will contact you towards the end of your time with us, with an honorarium request of about $150 Canadian dollars.


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