Our Purpose

To support and amplify the intention of the In-between Project - in which participants have a real-life opportunity to
"radically expand their ability to perceive and build on the inherent strengths and talents of others to create powerful alliances and achieve mutual goals."

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Your "In Between" Project

Did you know, that the "In Between" Project is so important, it is considered the most important exercise you do throughout the entire program?

No matter how your co-lead partnership began, whether by choice, accident or design, this is your best opportunity to greatly, and powerfully, land the learning from ALL 4 Leadership retreats.

No matter what you 'think' you know about leading an event - this Co-Lead is something entirely different! This is not facilitation at a higher level. It is CoActive® Leadership in action. The work you do (if you choose to) on this Project will stay with you for the rest of your life.

What we are certain of

We are certain that you are bringing your unique perspective to the table. And we are certain that everything that you have learned since starting the leadership journey has left you wondering how it all fits into place.

From I AM types to hanging-vine exercises there are a lot of new experiences to process. Some of them already make sense; and some don't, yet!

We help you embed the concepts in the Leadership map. Stay, Act, and Urge, together with Full Permission and Responsibility for Impact all translate into how you can work with another person, more easily, to accomplish any goal.

Suspend your knowledge, and be open to creating from 'self and other'.

Our focus is on how you can best use what you have already learned, and how you can craft it into a unique experience for yourselves and your participants.

This is how we do it


Support Emails

Access to call recordings

Leadership Perspective



30 minute Orientation Call

Up to 4 x 1 hours of help

Challenges & Stretch





Thank us with an Honorarium

Time - Making the most of it

Your Co-Lead ability increases through the personal work that you do both in-between and in conversation with your co-leader, and your Parachute leaders. Allow enough recovery time to reap the full benefit of your participation in the Parachute Project.

Register within 2 weeks of finishing R2, and book your Orientation call as soon as possible.

Availability fills quickly, so don't delay too long!

If you join later than two weeks after the end of R2, and/or have a short time frame before your event, we may not be able to schedule all four calls.

Allow at least 6 weeks between your first Parachute Project call and the date of your event.

Be in conversation with your partner about your project!

Be bold. Take risks. Ask for help.

For now, focus on your partner, not the event.

Our Only Regret?

There was no one to do this with us when we went through Leadership.

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

ParaProject™ Leaders

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Working with the Parachute Project changed the game for us! We thought we had it all figured out, and in some ways we did. Our coaches pushed us to expand further than we thought we could, and it made all the difference. Our partnership became deeper and more solid, our participants benefitted, and I personally was able to step into my own role as a Leader more definitively.

Sophia & Kate


Don't hesitate...Just do it now! The Parachute coaches transformed our co-leadership and workshop from not just good to great but to magnificent. They magnified our view of our stake and provided the support and challenge needed to fully embrace our "I AM" types. The impact of their coaching will reverberate in my life for decades to come. SIGN UP NOW !!!

Kevin & Cordelia


Participant Application

Before applying, please be sure to read our terms and conditions below

ParaProject™ CoLeaders

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Joss L Rowlands, CPCC

You need the following info to register:

This short registration form (really - we bet you can do it in less than 3 minutes!) asks for some basic information about you, your partner and your Event. So apart from your Tribe name and the location of your retreats, you will need:

  • Co-leader's First and last name
  • Co-Leader's email address
  • Co-Leader's "I Am" type
  • The city they live in
  • Date R3 starts
  • Date of your event
  • Date R4 starts

Things you will need for your calls

Here are some of the best practices we've discovered:

  • Bring Your journal to the calls
  • Have your calendar easily accessible
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Audio and Video capability
  • A quiet location for the calls
  • Headset to cut out background noise
  • Be a few minutes early

These few items will help ensure the best possible experience for everyone.

Once you click the submit button this application form can take a few moments to process, so please be patient.

Shortly after completing the application, you will receive the first of a series of emails that will help you as you move through the project. They will come from our assistant,
Ava, so add her to your address book - especially if you use Google Mail! If you don't hear from us within 10 minutes, be sure to check your spam and junk folders just in case she's ended up in there!

Contact Us

We tried really hard to imagine all the questions you might have about us and the Parachute Project™. And it's probably also true that we missed some! If there's something you don't understand, or that isn't working, or even if you have something else to say, our contact form will have your words to our trusty VA, Amelia, in seconds!